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After having sex in December, i was late for my usually very regular period in January......took two home preg. tests......both came out neg......eventually did get my period that month, about a week late, but was very light almost pinkish brown, spotty, and seemed shorter than usual. In February i pretty much got it on time but this time accompanied by extremely painful cramps, severe dark bleeding and clots that seemed to last forever. It did eventually however end, and this month, in March.....(still following? lol).....i was at least 10 days late with little or no cramps but for some reason severe nausea and dizziness.....??........and most importantly, the blood is a very dark brown, almost black color, which has never happened to me before. I've read somewhere else that the dark brown/black period sometimes occurs after a miscarriage?? So my question is, is it possible that despite the neg. test results, I could have been pregnant anyway and the current symptoms i'm experiencing are the after result of a miscarriage that happened in what would have been like my 10th week of pregnancy? I dont really know what to just all seems to be adding up to that....??.....any advice would be greatly appreciated. :-)


You can be pregnant with negative pregnancy tests. My good friend has three children, and with every live birth she didn't show on a urine or blood serum test until she was three months along. She has good proof of this; she has a negative blood with a date, and two days later a dated copy of an ultrasound showing her three-month-old fetus.

Because her hgc levels don't show, she is sure she's had 7-8 miscarriages that the doctors won't acknowledge. I feel I'm in the same boat as her, because once I know I had a miscarriage (late, heavy bleeding, awful cramps, passing a sac that was reddish/purplish/yellowish with something inside) but my GYN won't acknowledge it because I had a negative urine test. Sometimes doctors don't know everything.