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I had my first reiki treatment last week, I didn't really feel anything and came away thinkng it had been a waste of money. Then I came on yesterday and normally I am doubled over with pain, throwing up, diarrhoea, fainting- the works; but yesterday all I had was a couple of twinges! Today I have been fine too. I haven't done anything differently in my life apart from the reiki treatment (which I had to help me relax) and I am not on any medication nor is there any possibilty I could be pregnant.

Do you think the reiki could have done this? How is that possible? Or do you think it is just a one-off and I have just been lucky this month? Can just one treatment do this? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think I should have another treatment next month too or am I cured now? I'm so confused!


Of course reiki could have helped with your pain. I used to experience the same symptoms you just described, but once I started receiving reiki treatments and treating myself, they almost completely stopped. I wouldn't say that you a 'cured' per say, but depending on how long the unblocked energy continues flowing, you should not have pain. I actually took a Reiki I class, and I now treat myself to prevent pains.