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I am a 22 year old female who is fairly healthy, no current health problems. Yesterday I did quite a bit of heavy lifting and had one coughing fit. Shortly afterwards, I noticed a small lump in my lower left abdomen which felt like it popped out only when I took very deep breaths. There is no pain just a little discomfort (almost a numbing sensation) when moving certain ways. I've been resting since I first noticed this problem. Now this morning, it still feels a little tingly but I can't feel a lump and it also isn't popping out when I breath deeply anymore. What can this be?


Hey... I'm only 16... imma female...
2 weeks ago I got really sick.. I had a high fever and all this other crazy stuff. I've been even having coough attacks. I have allergies. When I was in school there was so much dust... I started coughin all crazy.
I tend to stop breathin in my sleep and even when I'm awake. If I can't swallow it causes me to stop breathin through my nose.
In the last 2 days. I started to notice a uncomfortable feelin in my throat. After coughin mucus up. I try to see if
i could cough up w.e in my throat. But it hasn't moved.
I took meds, even an inhaler. The inhaler help just a lil for like 10 mins... then the lump felt like it got bigger. I don't eat much now... cuz of the lump. oh and the lump is only in the right side.
i feel weak and dizzy. my body feels tinggly and I get pains on in my chest, back... and under my rib cage on the left side.
like burnin and sharp pains.

My mom is in the army... she works alll the time.. she can't take me to the doctors till tomorrow...
yet w.e is there is gettin bigger.
I looked up things...
it could be anything.
All i can do is hope for the best.. and be perpared for the worst.

sorry for my bad grammer and mis-spellin..

ebonics is my 1st lang. haha

PLZ someone help me..
I'm too young for this mess