Hello, my name is mike, I'm 29, I have been suffering from a very odd condition that I haven't ever experienced before, there's no bad illnesses that been through the family such as cancer or anything like that thankfully, I have went to a gastro doctor, and an ENT doctor, both have assumed that I may have reflux, or nasal drip, unfortunately I don't have nasal drip as I already have taken an xray picture and doctor said I have nothing in the nose, so only cause could be reflux, so far I've been taking medicines that a gastro doctor been writing for me, I've been using for about 3 months and haven't been feeling any better.

My symptoms are very little and simple, I just feel that my throat is tight and during that feeling there's a feeling of a lump, or a mucus, it's not visible, but just a sensation and somehow it sometimes goes down my esophagus and when it does my stomach feels super tight and makes me feel like I can't breathe, etc I have nothing crazy, no vomiting, no loss of appetite, nor loss of weight, I feel normal but it's bothering me so much the feeling of a pill or a mucus, or even a lump in my throat that keeps travelling down my stomach or esophagus, and then comes up to my throat again, and it makes my throat feel tight, then when it comes down my stomach, my stomach feels tight instead of my throat..

Can anyone help find me an answer to this? I'm really clueless, I have been thinking to go and do an upper endoscopy but I'm low on money and would like a cheaper solution.