Hi there,

I'm 27, male. Ever since I was about 24 I've had the issue I'm about to discuss. It started off every now and then, couple of times a year, last year it increased to a few times a month and now I'll be lucky if it don't happen at all. I get this issue at least 5 times a week.

Basically I will be asleep, and within the first 2 hours I will wake up. But, when I wake up it's sudden waking. I feel as if I can't get enough air into my lungs. It sort of feels like I'm being smothered. This will last anywhere up to 40 seconds whilst I'm awake. But no idea how long it lasts when I'm asleep. It's not a gasping feeling, more like a smothering feeling, or my airway is partially closed.

It happened 3 times the other night that I could recall, but sometimes I don't recall it happening. Sometimes I know it happened in the night but I can't remember the event. I will usually fall asleep within minutes of waking up. It used to scare me, but I've got used to it now.

The other night I had the TV on, I remember seeing the advert on TV. It was one of those long adverts and it had a big pink screen with the words "No No" on it. But, I was still asleep when I was seeing this. I actually woke up shortly after and then I noticed the breathing issue.

I wake up most nights covered in sweat, even when the window is open in the winter. I've noticed small patches of water on my bed where I have sweat that much. But the sweat is strange because it will dry up very quickly once I wake up.

I am so confused about what this could be. I feel very tiered in the day time, and feel like I need to sleep. Today I have been exhausted even though I got about 9 hours sleep. I remember 2 episodes last night. I can remember the dream I had last night before I woke up, it was a friend who turned into a dog and started attacking me for sleeping with his girlfriend. Crazy I know!

Anyone heard of this before and could it be sleep apnea?

I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so I am going to speak to her. It's a new doctor as my other one wouldn't listen to me. I also have depression and I take Citralopram but I've had these issues before I was depressed or on medication.