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Hi. im female and 16years of age and 2days ago i found a little spot like lump on the front of my gum. it is very visible if u pull the bottom lip down.
it is a white-ish colour but goes red some times,mostly when pressure is on it.
It is quite painful an when i push it or try to burst it, it hurts more and makes my gum go very red.
im very worried and do not want to go to the dentist as im terrified of them.
please help..
Do you know what it could be??


The most probable thing that it sounds like, is an "absess".

Does it hurt when you apply pressure to the teeth directly above it?. Do you have any sensitivity/cavity like symptoms from the teeth above it?

What happens, is that sometimes (Being through a cavity or even "retracting gum's"), food can get stuck under-neath a tooth.

Where food stuck in your teeth usually causes a cavity (The tooth get's a whole in it), food stuck under your teeth and in contact of your gum would instead become "Inflamed" and "Infected" as the process of the food decaying, is spreading to the gum which the body is trying to avert.

The best (and most likely only solution) is unfortunately a visit to the dentist. He will be able to assess the situation and if it is an absess, perform a procedure to "Drain" it.

It is unfortunately very important to get it checked out, as it can spread and/or leak and cause other forms of infections and complications (and not even localised to your mouth).

At the worste he might repremand you for not flossing ;-) But on the other hand, he might find a problem that could become more complicated if left to run "free" such as a "receding gumline" which is not something you could/would have been able to avoid.

Good luck! Keep a stiff upper lip and show the world you are a "Strong Girl" by facing your fears and visiting the dentist ;-).

Tell me all about it :-)

P.S. I also hate dentists...their white over coats, plastic covered fingers...probing silver thingies knowing just where to mess-around for max pain ;-) But with the right anesthetics, (and a nose clip as I can't stand the smell), I usually get through it thinking (Gaah...that wasn't that bad...what a sissy I am for being so afraid ;-) )


cavity i have it to it hurts like crazy