Hello all,

I am an 18 year old male who has suffered from several lumps all over his body. I have had for the past two years noticed that I have several lumps on the back of my neck on both sides. The lumps are all painless, and hard. I have noticed lumps along the base of my collarbone that are all painless, too. I can feel a few lumps along my chin, and slightly under it, by the throat area. I've now discovered that I have a giant lump on the skin in front of my throat. It is completely painless, and about the size of a quarter! I've noticed many disruptions in my sleep pattern. I've been feeling extremely fatigued, I've had muscle aches in my arms and legs, and a general feeling of weakness. I also have consistent pains in both sides of my abdomen. All the doctors I've been too have said that it could stress from college life (I am a first year freshmen), and not to worry about it too much. One doctor took blood tests that came back negative for any abnormal thyroid problem. Can anyone tell me what they think is going on? I'm getting tired of not knowing anything and having the doctors sitting around on what to me seems like a big problem. Any comments are extremely appreciated!