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I'm 19 and have a lump on my ear. It has been getting bigger and bigger over past few weeks. Its hard and doesn't move. It also does not hurt at all. It's red and a pretty good size lump.. there is no white in the lump at all either. Has anyone ever experienced this? Should I get it checked out. I'm not the type to worry thats why i'm wondering if this is something to get checked out or something. I don't know if i should be worried or not.



If I am not mistaking the lumps on ears are rarely dangerous. They are usually temporary things and in most cases they are just zits under the skin. The problem with ear lumps is that they tend to heart a lot, especially if you touch them. Do you have any pain when you touch it? Have you noticed any color changes in your skin around the lump in your ear lobe? How long have you been having this? If this lasts for more than two weeks you should see a doctor and see what is this lump. I think that this should go away in next two weeks but don’t try to pop it.


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