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I'm currently experiencing a feeling of a lump in my throat with dull pain. If feels like the sore throat you get with a chest infection. It's only on my right side, just under my Adam's apple.

It started Sunday (4 days ago). I had bad acid for a while and shortly after I noticed this pain. Ever since Sunday the feeling has been present. The past couple of days the pain was positional. My head had to be in a certain position to feel the lump on the throat, but today it's constantly there regardless of my head position.

I have no idea what this is, but it's doing my head in. I can't feel any lumps or bumps on my neck, or around the area. Yesterday I was poking and prodding one of the main muscles in my neck so my prodding could have made it worse.

I'm also feeling a dull headache. It's a 1/2 on a 10 scale. Also my jaw hurts a little. I do have 2 rotten wisdom teeth that are coming out next Monday. But I can't feel any infection in my mouth so I can write swollen glands off ... I think.

If I push on the area in my neck gently I can feel the pain. I feel it when I cough, sneeze, swallow and breath in deep (sometimes). It hurts more if I turn my head to the left and swallow. Sometimes I will get gas build up just before a burp, I feel the sore throat when this happens too.

My girlfriend says she has a cold and she has a sore throat, but I can't see this being related. It doesn't feel like a sore throat that you get with a flu/cold/infection.

I also did strenuous exercise Saturday. Lots of pullups, situps and shoulder shrugs with 40kg weights.

Apart from that no other symptoms. Just this lump feeling in my throat, slight headache, bit of jaw ache and slight pain behind the eyes.

Anyone had this? I am a bit concerned that it's still here since Sunday.


Just to note, eating isn't a problem. It doesn't cause any pain or issues. I just did some pullups and felt the pain too. After exercise the pain seems to have gotten a bit better. No dull ache when swallowing. This is so strange.