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According to my ovulation calculator I have a 30 day cycle. My first day of my last period was on the 29th of May.I ovulated on the June 14th . I had unprotected sex several times during the week before ovulation and also on June 12th.
My period is 10 days away but Im having cramping now that I normally only feel within 3 days of my expected period.I have a few symptoms but I do not know if they do relate to pregnancy or not.Because I had them before ovulation.Lower back aches,Headaches,Gagging,My breast feel very heavy.The cramping started 2 days ago but became more mild yesterday and today.Yesterday it just felt like a few twinges on both sides.Today it feels more like full blown menstural cramps.Im not sure if Im correct on my cycle lengths but between April and May it has pretty much been between a 29-30 day cycle.
What are my chances of being pregnant?Would I be feeling symptoms like this so soon?Even before Ovulation?I have taken 1 pregnancy test 3 days before my ovulation and it was negative.

If you can tell I just recently started taking account of my cycles.So this is all very new to me. :O


Also I would like to add I have been keeping a eye on my bbt and it has gone from 96.7 since before ovulation and today its up to 99.2-99.3