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Can anyone help me?
I have had 4 children, 1st child vaginal birth, 2nd child caesarian, 3rd child vaginal birth and 4th child caesarian.
The third child was where I was permitted to push at the time of labour when I was 9cm dialated leaving me quite large down below. I would like to have an operation to make my vagina small again when I had my first two children. Or if there are any alternatives i would welcome your suggestions. By the way I have been doing the pelvic floor exercises for 6 years and there has been little improvement. My only solution is for me to have an opeartion which I would do in a heartbeat but it is going to cost me thousands of pounds which I am unable to afford.
Many thanks



I was reading online in a home remedy forum that hemorrhoid cream will help the situation if used on a week on week off basis. like i said i dont know if it works but I guess if u dont have the money for surgery it is worth a shot.