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hi,i am a married woman and i have 5 kids.i got a c caesarian operation when i gave birth to my youngest child.she is 4 years old menstruation is delayed for almost a month and since then i have sleepless nights because of the severe pain in my abdomen at the area where i got the is so painful and my back obgyne told me before that its not good.for me to get pregnant again because its dangerous for my health...i am afraid...what if i am pregnant?...can i avoid being pregnant?please help me..


Hi Capricorn,

Check with your OB again.  Usually you can carry another child fine but there may be some risk of tearing during delivery.  In that case another c-section would be performed.

Are you using birth control?  If not then you may be pregnant.  If you are it is to late to avoid it.  

There are options of course.

Take a pregnancy test and see your OB.

Good luck.