Hello all, I'm currently close to 8 weeks pregnant and this will be my 4th child. My very first pregnancy ended sadly with a miscarriage. I then later gave birth to 3 healthy children, my 2nd child was born premature at 34 weeks, but the other two pregnancies were fine. I'm considered a high risk pregnancy because of my history of premature birth. I am so worried because I went to my OB and I had a u/s at what I thought was my 8th week but they said I was measuring at 6 1/2 weeks and they found the baby's heartbeat but it was a low heart rate. My doc said it was normal because it was early, but she recommended a second u/s and they didn't find a heartbeat. I had a external and a vaginal u/s and no heartbeat was found but they did find a fetal pole which is the baby. My doc told me she suspected that I was suffering from a missed miscarriage. It is so upsetting because I feel fine and I have not been having any signs of a miscarriage. No cramping or bleeding. Of course now I'm even worried because I also had a pelvic exam to see if my cervix was still closed and it was, but now I'm cramping a little. I'm terrified that I might be miscarrying. Has anyone ever had a u/s early to find the heartbeat and later it's gone, then find it again later on a u/s or Doppler? I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this before and the docs think it a missed miscarriage, but it's actually early enough in the pregnancy that the baby moved where the heartbeat can't be found and maybe found later on in the pregnancy? I really would love a response if anyone can relate, thanks!