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I have diabetes 2 and I control once a day my blood glucose. I feel good about doing that, it gives me a fine feeling that everything is okay with me. Last week I went to the GP and he said he won


I agree with your GP, no need to test BG. There is a mathematical relationship between HbA1c and blood glucose levels. This was possible to do after a study in 2006 with 506 patients from different countries where the researchers continuously measured the patients’ blood glucose for some days and were able to make this mathematical analysis. And it is the following:

HbA1c 5%- 97mg/dl eAG


7% - 154mg/dl

8%- 183mg/dl

9%- 212mg/dl

10%- 240mg/dl

11%- 269mg/dl

12%- 298mg/dl

eAG is estimated average glucose. Which means is the average glucose value that a person had for a certain HbA1c. Your value of 5,5% HbA1c means that on average (between high and low values) you were around 111,5mg/dl blood glucose. It is great value for a diabetic. And is certainly a confirmation that your GP is right when he said what he did. Also the fact that you use such a small dose of metformin means that your chances of hypoglycemia are really small.