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Does anyone know about the HbA1c lab and how it is comparable to the blood sugars I take at home?  I am hoping to get some answers and possibly a simple explanation about them.  I am having troubles with my blood sugars.  They are deviating from the average BG that I should be having and I just had my HbA1c done at the doctor's office yesterday and they told me today it was 7.5  up from 6.8 from my last one done in November.  So I am wondering the relationship is between the glucose I check at home and this other lab value?  It would be helpful to me if I could have some advice on how to get my HbA1c value back down from 7.5 as well.  I know that is not a good number to have.  I really need to get it down to 6.0 if I can.  Thank you so much for you guys' help.  It is nice that this forum is available to us.


If you can work on getting your blood glucose readings to a decent level, the A1c value will go down as well.  For example, if you keep your average blood glucose levels at 130 mg/dl, your A1c should be approximately 6.0.  If your average blood sugars are around 180 mg/dl, your A1c will be around 8.  So it just depends on whether you keep having high blood sugars frequently.  You will need to aim to keep your fasting blood sugars below 100.  You will also want to keep your blood sugars below 130 mg/dl 2 hours or more after meals.  You can do this by adding exercise to your daily routine, around 30 minutes at least.  Keep close eye on your carb intake and you will start bringing your sugars down.  If not, you need to talk to your doctor.