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Hello, I was diagnosed with type 2 about a year ago and I was put on metformin. I'm concerned about developing complications such as loss of vision so I want to get everything right. My HbA1c is a little over 7 at this time but I thought I should have done better. My diabetes manager says I'm doing fine but I thought you should be below a 7. Can anyone tell me what is the optimum target for HbA1c? I have heard that 6.5 would be really good but I'm getting conflicting information. I'd really like to clear this up. Can anyone help. Thanks.


Hello, As far as I know, the HbA1c level should be in a safe zone and what is reasonable for a diabetic and that varies for everyone. I believe the medical community sets that at around 7 and below. The normal range is somewhere between 4.5 to 7. Since you are a little bit above 7, it sounds like you're okay. You want to be careful not to go too low and get a hypo which would be below a 4 I believe but again that varies. It sounds like you have things under control and of course it is important to manage BG levels but don't kill yourself over it. Do what you can. I know I don't always have the best BG levels but I'm somewhere in the ball park and I'm happy with that. I tend to stay around 6 most of the time however my average comes out to be around 6.5. My doctor says that is good. I think if you change your diet a bit you may be able to get below a 7 and stay there. It sounds like metformin is working well for you so you don't need to take insulin and that's great.