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Hello all, I'm still new to this diabetic situation and I'm still confused about all the numbers and what they mean. My question is: What HbA1c level would trigger treatment? Gees, I've heard that some people come back with a score of over 20 and there not hospitalized that I know of and I hear of people around 2.1 that take a gluco tab and they're okay and yet others go just a bit below 4 and are having problems. What does all this mean? I learned about the 4 mark the 6 to 7 mark and 12 and above and yet all this info seems to be contradictory. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks.


Hello, First off Hb stands for hemoglobin which is a protein found in red blood cells and its purpose is to carry oxygen to all your cells. The A stands for Adult type and this is further broken down to give rise to A1c. This A1c represents that portion of hemoglobin that has glucose bound to it and this provides the numbers you see like 20mmol/mol. Red blood cells don't have nuclei so they have no way to repair themselves or reproduce themselves so they have a life span of 120 days and then they are recycled. How much glucose this fraction of hemoglobin carries during a 2 to 3 month period is an indicator of average glucose levels in blood. The higher your glucose content, the greater the level of HbA1c. The average healthy level should be around 6 percent. This number may be difficult for a diabetic to maintain so the medical community sets it between 6 to 7 and this range is what you should shoot for and that means you have good control over your BG levels. Your HbA1c levels will help determine how you will manage your diabetes in terms of dieting, exercise and medications. If you are about 7, this indicates that you are diabetic and require treatment. A 6.5 to 7.5 reading may also indicate that you are pre-diabetic and require treatment.