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Hello there! My daughter just got diagnosed of DM1, between thousand questions one of them is about fasting BG and HbA1c, I don’t understand which is more important? There are so many things we have to learn: hypo-, hyper-, self-monitoring, diet, etc..!!! Such a lot of information all at once! I understood also that the HbA1c will be measured 2x a year maybe? What are we supposed to do with the result of the HbA1c? 


Hi! You are right, so much information (and emotions!) to deal with in such a short time. First of all, you are one more of millions of people with diabetes, this feeling of not being alone helps a lot and after a while you will have all this knowledge. Now about fasting BG and HbA1c: they are both very important and actually at different moments. Fasting BG, measure the glucose at a specific moment in your blood (the very moment of the test), which is after 8h of fasting. It is widely used as a diagnostic criterion for DM ( good parameter and unexpansive assays), and after the diagnose is the measure that will guide you every morning to decide how much fast acting  insulin you will need before breakfast. Fasting BG vary considerably from day to day in a single person. When we talk about HbA1c (glycated haemoglobin) we are talking about a measurement that reflects chronic BG values from the last weeks, which is like an average from the BG from the last 2-3months, so we used it to monitor glycemic control and guiding the therapy (long acting insulin dose). You don’t have to do anything with the result – it is more a guidance to your doctor or diabetes nurse. The frequency that the Hba1c will be measured will be from a minimum of 1x /year to 3-4x a year.