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So I just found out that the Hba1c is a new way of calculating test results. So is it better or more accurate than doing my meter readings at home?  Perhaps I can quit doing the home tests and use the HbA1c as my guide?  This would be better than having to stick myself every day.  Is there any diabetics out there that have done this, using the HbA1c to monitor your blood sugars?  If you do, how do you manage it and what do you do in the meantime?  I don't have any low blood sugars but how do u know if u have any high ones?  I would like to get started on this type of monitoring but I need more information on how to do it successfully.  Thanks so much!


Actually HbA1c has been a way of testing blood sugar for many years now.  In fact, it is done in ADDITION to checking your blood glucose at home.  The two tests measure to different things so it is good to be able to check both values so that the doctor knows how your blood sugars are during the course of the day.  HbA1c values tells the physician how your blood glucose levels are on an average.  This average is an indicator of how severe your diabetes is.  Values higher than 7 means that a person is at risk for more diabetes-related complications, like vision problems, kidney impairment, and peripheral vascular disease.  Patients need to strive to get this number down below 7 to prevent many of the things that diabetes causes.  This is easier to do if a diabetic patient can monitor their blood sugar on a daily basis.  If the diabetic can keep the BG values at acceptable levels on a regular basis, the average or HbA1c will go down as well.  It is easier to see what is working and what is not when you are constantly monitoring daily rather than waiting every 3 months.