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Hello, I have type 2 and was diagnosed 3 years ago and I'm currently 61 years old. My doctor has me test BG levels for fasting in the morning and postprandial. He has me do this twice a month. So far, my fasting BG is somewhat below 95 and my postprandial is always below 125. I thought this was really good, however my HBA1c is high while my month BG levels appear to be normal. The 3 month test HBA1c came back at 12.2 percent and I believe according to the chart it says my BG is over 300. OH my GOODNESS! What's wrong with that picture. How can this be? I exercise regularly with aerobics usually 4 times a week for at least one hour. And, I thought my diet was good, however I'm taking in close to 250 carbs a day. My doctor has me on metformin and sitagliptin and I though that was great because I'm not insulin dependent. Maybe I should be? I need some help. Thanks.


Hello, It's great that you are taking metformin and sitagliptin and you are not having any side effects. Exercising 4 times a week is great. My question is: are you overweight? Being considerably over weight and generate insulin resistance. Your HBA1c levels are high but that doesn't necessarily corresponds to your BG levels daily. Your only taking measurements twice a month? There's no way you have information about all the other days of the month. Twice a month measurements don't make sense to me. There's no way for you to have tight control of your diet or meds. Your BG levels can change drastically even during single day. Given that you exercise regularly, chances are your BG levels spike after you exercise due to a liver dump of glucose. But, keep in mind that an HBA1c test can vary considerably since it is based on the life span of red blood cells so it can be higher or lower than you actual sugar levels but in your case this seems extreme. I don't know if you have a meter of your own but if you don't try to get one and monitor your BG 4 to 5 times a day and keep a record of your measurements as well as what your are eating and how much. At the moment, I would go by your HBA1c levels and not your two month BG readings. Given that, you need to bring down your sugar levels by a whole lot. Ideally, you should be between 6 and 7. Your diet appears to be high in carbs for what you need and I suggest you drop down below a 100 grams of carbs daily and see if that doesn't help. I still have a problem with your doctor telling you to test every two weeks. I wish the best for you and keep all of us posted to any new developments.