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Has been like this for more than a year but just recently got worse to the point where it hurts everyday all day and is getting in the way of my daily life and even my sleeping. I cant lay on my side because it feels like its shifting and twisting. The visible tube you usually see on the underside of a penis is not straight to the head instead turns and goes on the side of my penis. I have a lump on the side where it goes off too. The pain is like a dull throbbing on the base/bottom of the shaft and sometimes a sharp pain where the tube thing is. The base feels hard and tender. Any thoughts? i have seen a urologist but they say its pyronies disease.


Hi Guest,

Peyronie's disease is caused by scar tissues.

How old are you?

Usually it is only painful when erect.

Sometimes the symptoms resolve in a year or two.  There are medications that can help.  Surgery may also be required.

Discuss this and your options with your urologist.  If they are not helpful get another opinion.

Good luck.