I'll try to be as descriptive as I can, as I know many of my symptoms are very general.

The worst pain is at the back, underside of my jaw, below the ear, on the right side of my face. The area is swollen, sometimes feeling like a lump is in my throat when I swallow. If I tilt my head back, swallowing & even breathing become difficult. My bottom jaw feels heavy, almost like it's pulling down on my ears, causing an ache in the middle ear. The pain underneath my jaw is a constant throbbing, one that sends sharp, white hot pains to my inner ears, & sometimes up behind my right eye. The right side of my tongue in the very back, where the teeth end, is also painful, similar to a pulled muscle. Half the time, it feels like my jaw is going to snap out of my skin because a weight is hanging from it. 

Aside from this, I feel perfectly fine. No sore throat, fatigue, fever, rashes, or anything else. I had my tonsils removed as a small child, as well as tubes put in my ears. I do happen to be deaf in my right ear, which sometimes prevents me from noticing an ear infection, but my ear is currently draining just fine [I can feel it when I lay on that side], and as for my teeth, I never got my wisdom teeth. X-rays show that I don't have any waiting to come in either. I've had the very last tooth of both sides, top and bottom, removed [so 4 teeth] which leads me to believe it can't legitimately be a lack of space causing the pain.

This pain is ridiculously bad though. It gets worse as the day goes on, & cold sensations greatly aggravate it. By night time, I can hardly talk or eat, and have difficulty swallowing. It often brings me to the point of writhing & tears, because of the pain, pressure, dizziness, etc. I've tried various tooth/mouth pain relievers... the only one that does ANY sort of good is Clove Oil. I end up soaking a q-tip in it & resting it between my lower gums & cheek. Spitting it out is a pretty painful act though. Hot compresses help as well.

If I apply pressure with my fingers under my ear, I get a rather gross, metallic taste in my mouth. If I apply the pressure along the bottom of my jaw AND below my ear, the pain goes away completely. However, once I remove the pressure, the pain comes back, much worse & with greatly increased swelling. Of all of this, the symptoms are only on the right side of my face.

I don't have health insurance, so I've been avoiding a trip to the hospital, but the problem has been recurring, lasting anywhere from days to weeks at a time. Does anyone know what the problem could be?