Hi I'm really worried at the moment in January of this year i noticed a small pea sized lump not on my right testicle but about 1cm away from it so its on my tube and i have a dull ache on my right testicle and the tubes get quite tender sometimes, when i masturbate i sometimes stop myself from ejaculating and i would keep going until i couldn't go any longer then stop my self then i would start again. I do this for up to 30 mins sometimes and after i get a severe pain in my right testicle and its tube but also a pain on the right hand side of my bladder and also it gets really tender underneath my right testicle if i was to lift the right one up it then feels like its pulling somewhere up in the bladder area and then the pain will persist for most of the day im really worried about this but i haven't been to see a doctor yet because the pain comes and goes goes but i don't just get pain after masturbating sometimes it just comes but when it does come randomly its just a very dull ache nothing too uncomfortable. Could this pain could be something to do with a water infection because sometimes my pee is green looking or would it be something to do with the tiny lump which I think is a tiny cyst.
I appreciate your help