Where can arsenic be found?Arsenic is a toxic substance that can be extremely dangerous if not used accordingly. There are two roles of this substance in the human body: it is an essential substance needed by our nervous system but it also plays a significant role in proper growth. However, if not used accordingly, it might cause growth problems or retardation.

Arsenic can be found in air, water or soil. Most of the people find the highest arsenic level from food, as the main resource. It`s very important to know how much it is allowed to consume from a certain substance. If you`re not sure how much you`re allowed for the daily arsenic intake, you should make a deeper online research to become more familiar with arsenic.

Arsenic dangers

There are a few dangers that come with arsenic. You should be aware of all these warnings, so you can think twice before consuming anything that has arsenic in it. Long-term usage of arsenic changes the way of communication of cells but it can also reduce their functioning ability. Unfortunately, this is not everything because arsenic might also play an important role in the development of lung disease, vascular disorder, cancer or diabetes.

Remove arsenic with foot patches

It`s possible to remove arsenic from your body with foot patches. There are a few steps you need to respect for succeeding in removing this dangerous hard metal from your organism. First, you need to purchase a pair of foot patches from your local pharmacy, but there`s one thing you need to be careful about and pay attention to, when you purchase your patches: these should contain vinegar. It`s not a must to opt for vinegar-based patches but it`s essential because this natural ingredient can efficiently fight against all dangerous toxins in the body and can also efficiently remove them.

After having the foot patches, you need to read the instructions to know how to apply them on the bottom of your feet. It`s indicated to do the process of detox foot patches during the night because it is considered that over the night is the best period for the body to go through to the natural detoxification. By the next morning, you should have arsenic removed from your body. If you want to make sure that the foot patches really worked with the arsenic removal, you can go ahead and send your patches to a laboratory where experts can tell you the results for sure.

There are some other treatment alternatives to detox foot patches, but these will do the work for you efficiently. Even if it`s not enough to do the process once, after one week of treatment, arsenic should be totally eliminated from your body.