hi, could some1 please help? ive been taking cerazette for 4 1/2 mnths and only had 2periods.i wnt away for 4days lst mnth and dint bover taking it as iwnt with my boyfriend so wasn't goin 2 hav ne sex .we ad sex the nyt be4 i went n as soon as i got bck but istarted takin my pill lyk normal. now iv ad very sore tender breasts which feel heavier and harder for around 1 mnth. i also hav an uncomfortable feeling in my stomch which has been there constantly for about 1 week and dark brown almost black very light vaginal bleeding for 2days. im very worried although hav no concerns about it bein an std. me n my partner hav unprotected sex and have done for the past 4 years. id b very grateful for your advice.