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My daughter is 7 years old. We just found out she has a heart murmur last month and we are waiting to see the doctor.

She has complained about her jaw hurting and I ask her if it's her teeth instead and she says it the lower jaw. Could this be related to the heart murmur and is it serious?

I have also noticed that her heart is beating too fast even whe she's sleeping


I posted "daughter with innocent heart murmur" 10 months ago but my daughter is 8 years old now.

Anyways, could the murmur cause blue lips and hallucination? Blue lips and hallucination didn't occur together but I'm just wondering if 

I should be worried. Dr. told me that it will heal in time but I'm concerned they didn't check up enough.



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Hi. I am really sorry to hear about your daughter and I can understand your concern. Just a few facts. 

Most children with heart murmurs do fine or require minor procedures. 

Children have higher heart beat than adults. For your daughter's age, 100  beats per minute is normal. 

However, what concerns me is that you mention that your daughter has blue lips....this may be related to her murmur and underlying heart condition. Thus, I strongly advise that you contact your physician, since it may indicated a more severe heart disease. Best, Tom.



Thanks for replying Tom.

I've googled and I now know most children will be ok with the innocent heart murmur.
I went on Google again some time ago and this was about learning disability, I think there's a probable cause of heart murmur (if I read it correctly)
The blue lips still concern me. She gets fevers all the time.
I live in a small community and there is no 24/7 doctor or physician available - they have to fly in.


I've noticed that her chest on left side is raised/elevated when she's sleeping on her back.
Her heart rate is never the same when sleeping - very slow sometimes and very fast sometimes...