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Hello!. A few weeks ago i went to the docter due to the fact that i get Headaches, patchey red skin on my hands and feet and preassured hands if i let them dangle. I thought it was raunauds but it she said it wasn't. She measured my heart beat and said i might have a inncoent heart murmur and i have to go to the hospital to get it checked out. Lately my heart has been fluttering and i have to catch my breath. This has never happend to me before and i have been generally ok throughout my 14 years of life. In my opinion i think it's due to stress as i have been very very stressesd lately. Im pretty scared and it's weird because im only 14, i keep thinking ive got a horrible terminal diesease. Could someone help!.



The shortness of breath is definitely in my opinion cause from your stress of thinking about your heart murmur. Heart murmurs are way more common than you may think. As a matter of fact my mother who has been battling cancer for 7 years now has a heart father who has diabetes due to high cholesterol, and heart problems has a heart murmur....and they both have been born this way. To live to 46 and 48, and much much longer...My dad has verry high stress with his diabetes and when he's upset or dwells on something that worries him for to long, he also gets a fluttering and has to catch his breath, but that's only due to regular stress and anxiety...they are not linked to your heart murmur, but you shouldn't worry yourself so hard, and so much, cause like you said, you are only shouldn't worry about this stuff. You will be you think that your doctor would lie to you? Or send you home if there was anything seriously wrong?....I don't think relax and go do some fun of luck Jill