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Hello all, came across this website and thought I'd post.
My daughter who is 9 years old had started off with cold like symptoms. A cold, that is all...I wasn't worried at all...but it didn't go away. Then the flu like symptoms started. After 3 weeks of the cough off and on, she began to develop fever, aches in the joints/bones, bad headache, dizzy spells, loss of apetite, weight loss (17pounds in 5 weeks), very painful stomach cramps upon eating or drinking anything, then the vomiting began, she also had confusion, not remembering what she had said, etc. I had taken her to the emergency room and the doctor had given her an xray to check for pneumonia. It was clear, they then said she had the flu and to take her home. After two days I took her back, she was not better at all and seemed to be getting worse. She also developed a strange rash that appeared on her body, across her face and down her chest, back and thighs and down the legs...she said it was itchy but it didn't look like it bothered her much. The doctor we saw this time thought it was slapped cheek something or another, or parvo. He took blood work, urine sample, nose swab and throat swab. When the blood work came back, it showed that her white cell count was way up and some other abnormalities that I can't remember. I do know that her platelet count was high, her red cells were abnormal, etc...
He gave a prescription for antibiotics and sent us home. I started her on this and she got better in two days. The doctor then called and said her throat swab was positive for strep and that she also had scarlet fever.
Once the antibiotics were done...three to four days after stopping it the symtpoms came back...just not as severe. I took her to our family doctors and she ran some tests...the white cell count was up again and the blood work (I snuck a quick peek) was all over the place. The doctor said that the strep probably went into her blood stream. She gave no antibiotics and said that she will need to fight it off, I wasn't pleased because I didn't think my daughter would get over this illness and pass away the symptoms were soooo bad the first time.
The doctor also put her on a mild diet of no dairy, no meat, etc. Took her back a few days later and her white cell count was still up and was told to get more blood work....I'm not sure what tests she was daughter is still ill and I'm worried....the symptoms are not as severe as they were the first time. She's been out of school all this time.
I have her on advil all the time because of her headaches and sore body. Once the advil wears off she gets a headache...
I'm at a loss of what to do, generally she is a healthy child. She does have an innocent heart murmur that no one seems to be worried about. Her iron has always been low, no one knows why. Her eyes have these odd gray/blue spots in the whites of one knows why!


Please have her doctor test her for Q Fever. Q stands for "Query" as in question, because when this was first being reported to doctors in Australia, no one knew what had caused it - nor why it didn't go away.

Her symptoms sound like she overheard me with my doctor !
It took me three months of constantly going to doctors with so many, many blood tests with negative results. I went at least once every week well over a year it seems. I was diagnosed three months after I was bitten by a tick. I'm still dealing with most of the same symptoms as your daughter. The hardest thing for me is the lack of up to date information here in the U.S. We have less than 75 cases reported each year, and therefore, we have no serious specialists who are familiar enough with it and it's long term effects.

Best of luck to you and your daughter in finding the cause of her illness.