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Someone please reply. My daughter just turned five years old and has been twitching her eye for more than a year. It's like she's trying to cover her eye with her cheek. She only does it with her left eye but does it quite often. It seems like she does it mostly when she's concentrating on something like a game (Memory) or when she's trying to listen to something. She doesn't do anything verbal out of the ordinary for a five year old. We are very concerned because we live in a small town and don't feel that the doctor here will diagnose it correcly. Is it a habit? We just want to know how to address it with her. Should we ignore it? We've already discussed it with her and she says she knows that she's doing it, because she can feel it , but doesn't know why. At first we thought maybe her hair is getting in her eyes or she's having problems with her sight, but she seems so see well. We're probably gonna have her eyes checked and let the doctor know on her five year checkup but I want more advise. PLEASE HELP. We just want to do what's best for her if she does have turretts.


Tourette's syndrome runs in my family. My grandmother, father, 2 of my children and myself have it. It can manifest different in people. Your daughter "may" be alittle young for the diagnose since it tends to appear in alittle older children. (like around age 7) however, that does not mean she doesnt have TS. Does it run in your family? Does she do anything else? (other tics) Your best bet is to talk to a Neurologist or Psychiatrist. They can diagnose this. If it is uncomfortable to your daughter, there are medications she can be placed on that will help. TS is NOT a death sentence!! Many people with TS have jobs, get married and go to college so do not let this sway you if she does infact have it. Just reassure her that you will love her no matter what! Good luck.



Hi, My son has Tourette's Syndrome. he is 11 and was diagnosed at 7 by a Peodiotrian. (kid doctor).

My son has many ticks. But one is always more obvious than the others. He goes from one to the next. He has a couple of vocal ticks as well. A coughing one and a growling sound in his throat. But he goes to a normal school is well accepted with his class mates and is a wonderful kind hearted boy.

Since he has been diagnosed I have realised that my little ticks that go from one to another are also Tourettes syndrome. So he gets it from me, it does run in families. My mother and Father have passed away and I don't recall them doing any of these things. Nor do I remember any of our other family members. But you must remember that with mild Tourettes Sydrome as an adult you can hide it and vent it other ways.

If I have my cough tick, I can pretend that I have a bit of a cold. And excuse myself to cough, with "a frog in my throat". My nose and eye tick can be covered by a yawn with my hand up on my face. Or just by turning my head away from the person I am talking to so they don't see. Adults can vent there ticks away from others.

TS is no big deal, some of our top athletes can be seen of the tv with ticks. Its just the bad behavour that can sometime come with TS that annoyed me with my son. He is over it now though and we have come through it. You just start to accept your child for who they are and not what they do.

Good luck with it all, but your daughter may just have a tick that will end up going away eventually. Most children develop ticks threw there lives and they haven't got TS.

There really are worse things than Tourette's.