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Hi, again, my problem is with my stomach. I got sick once around a month ago, when my Aunt passed away, and haven't been well since. My stomach, bothers me alot, I've seen a doctor, got an ultra sound done, blood work, can't seem to find out what going on. My symptoms are burning at the lower adomon, which the fiber I'm taking seems to be working there. Now the other bad sysmpton I have is a tight feeling that I'm wearing a belt around just under my rib cage, with shooting pains coming from all around, going sometimes to my lower back. No, it's not a bladder problem either, can anyone suggest what it may be.



Hi there! It is very hard to say what it could be as you haven’t mentioned many symptoms, and if the pain occurred at any special occasions. Pain in the abdomen has a wide variety of possible causes.
The most common causes are a urinary system disorder such as a bladder or kidney problem (but you said you have been checked for that, right?), a bowel problem or a condition involving the reproductive system such as the uterus, Fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Do you have any bloating or swelling in the lower abdomen-that could indicate irritable bowel syndrome.

If it came from the uterus, Fallopian tubes or ovaries, the pain would be felt in the middle of the lower abdomen, above the line of pubic hair as far up as the navel. If it were more to one side that would mean that the pain is coming from an ovary. If the pain is coming from the uterus, then it will be stronger during your period. There are a couple of conditions of the reproductive organs that include abdominal pain. These are: endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, and fibroids.

At the end, some conditions in the pelvis and spine can cause pain sensations that are felt in the abdomen. The burning sensation could be due of a nerve irritation, as irritated nerves cause typical symptoms of burning, numbness, tingling and pain.

Once when I was experiencing severe abdominal pain, I took a homeopathic remedy called Borax, and it helped me a lot. It relieved me from my pain. However, I wouldn’t recommended it to you because you still don’t know if there are any more serious health problems hiding in your abdominal pain. You could keep me posted with the doctor’s analysis.

I wish you good luck! Simone