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When I was younger, I had it once, but it has been cured. Will this prevent me getting pregnant?


If you suffered from Chlamydia that has been cured, you are unlikely to experience problems with infertility.

Chlamydia could be dangerous if it was not found in time. This may happen because Chlamydia often doesn’t show any symptoms. When it does, there is usually excessive discharge, bleeding after intercourse, bleeding between menstrual periods or pain in lower abdomen.

Now, if Chlamydia is not diagnosed in time and therefore not treated, it could spread to fallopian tubes and cause scarring. This happens rarely but it may happen.
When scarring occurs the released egg may not be able to travel to the uterus and sperm could not reach the egg in the fallopian tubes for fertilization. Even if they did meet, they may not be able to travel together down to the uterus and may cause ectopic pregnancy (when the fetus doesn’t implant into the uterus lining but into fallopian tubes instead).

Women who develop pelvic inflammatory disease after Chlamydia infection are more likely to experience problems with infertility or ectopic pregnancy.

If you had infection and treated it successfully, you are highly unlikely to suufer from infertility problems because of this.