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i used to smoke it a fair bit of methamphetamine when i was younger, i never liked it, it was just because my friends always rubbed it in my face... anyway i stopped doing it about 2 years ago because i started having really bad effects like anxiety attacks and it was horrible for a really long time, i guess i was experiencing depersonalizing, i couldn't leave my house for 2 weeks. it has taken me 1 year to get over it and even still i live with panic and anxiety attacks.

on the weekend i went out and my friends happened to have ice on them, and for some reason i just decided to do it, i thought maybe i'd be ok doing it again. so we started smoking it at 5 am after we went to this club, and continued all day till about 3pm. i smoked a lot of it. i felt fine till the last 2 pipes i had, i just got this rush of panic but then it went away, so i had the last of the ice, and then this really weird thing happened! i just started to feel like i was in a dream, everything felt not real, and when my friends were talking to me it was like i kept going in and out of conciousness and kind of like coming back into my body and feeling like it was just one really big hazy dream.

when i got home i had a shower went to sleep. when i woke up it had started all over again, the same thing i went through 2 years ago.

it's been 4 days and every morning i wake up i wake up with instant anxiety, i make myself get out of bed and as soon as i do i notice how out of it i feel, i feel so detatched from reality and everything seens weird not different and not real.
i dont feel like myself. and i feel like i've lost myself. i get scared that i'm going to go crazy or something.

there have been moments where i feel ok and that i will get over this. and that everything is fine . but then the panic and anxiety comes back and the feelings of everything being horrible and fake. i nearly killed myseld 2 days ago. i had the support of family and friends though..

so i'm hoping this only last a couple of days longer, i;m scared it will last for ever. if anyone has ever been through the same kind of thing please tell me of your experiences and how you got over them?

i'm seeing a guy tomorrow to give me herbs and acupuncture. my family are hippies so i am glad to go the all natural way about this. no medication.


Yes, you can recover from DR/DP (derealization/depersonalization) I suffered from it too. Here is what I think will help you (this is what I did and I suffered from it for 3 weeks) Take L-tyrosine and omega 3 supplements, they help the neurotransmitters in the brain. Do some journaling, it will allow you to monitor your progress. Get 9 hours of sleep everynight and if you can take naps do it (the DR/DP is the brains way of taking a break and it needs to shut down and have REM sleep to recover). Stop "checking in" to see if it is gone. Do the things that you like to do before the DR/DP started. Get exercise...and cry if you have to, sometimes this condition is coupled with depression and anxiety. Think rational. You may start thinking really strange thoughts and that is ok, they are just thoughts-just dont act on them. Try to relax and by all means DO NOT DRINK alcohol, caffeine, or do any drugs.

You will recover, keep fighting.


"You may start thinking really strange thoughts and that is ok, they are just thoughts-just don't act on them. Try to relax and by all means DO NOT DRINK alcohol, caffeine, or do any drugs."

For anyone experiencing this -- do not rely on herbalists, acupuncture and other types of 'alternative' medicine -- check in to a reliable and "certified" detox unit where there are professional nurses certified in detox and counseling (as well as MD's and techs). Your are not dealing with some stuff for the 'alternatives!' Most nurses at these types of facilities have BEEN THROUGH what you are -- who could you trust more?