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Hi, So I came off the depo shot on 20th aug and have had unprotected sex a lot since then (as me and my bf want a baby) I started spotting last week but only for an evening, since then I only have blood on tissue after I've wiped from using the toilet, I've been getting headaches (but I do get these a lot anyway) ive felt sick randomly during the day somtimes lasting all day but this is not every day, Ive had bad lower back ache, and also felt slight cramping and pinching in the lower part of my belly, the other night I couldn't even sleep on my fro t as the pressure pushing on my belly was uncomfortable, my nipples have also been unusually sensitive but do not feel heavy or look any different that I can tell.... Is their a chance I'm pregnant this soon after comin off the depo?? I will do a hpt once I've been paid at end of the month but want people's opinions untill I can do one. Thanks


hiya,i have also came off depo my last shot was end of july i havnt had a period until last monday i had slight spotting,im also hoping to be pregnant i have done one test which was negative but think i may have tested to early,i know you dont have to have a period to get pregnant,2 years ago i came off the mini pill and fell pregnant b4 my periods are defo having symptoms if i was you i would do a test,hand a sample into your doctor..good luck.x