Im new to these boards but can not afford to go to a doctor due to no insurance. I have had diarrhea for about a year now and otherwise feel ok. It is gassy and I have tried everything I can think of. I take vitamins and even increased my zinc and b-12 and my fiber intake. I have tried imodium ad pepto bismol and kaopectate. I have used colon cleanse and take culturelle a probiotic. On occasion I get a knot right at my belly button but otherwise its just gassy diarrhea. I even took digest gold due to the fact I can tell what I ate most of the time because its so watery. I dont feel dehydrated and otherwise I feel pretty healthy. I do suffer from migraines but havent had one in several months. Since I feel ok otherwise is it ok if my bowel movements are watery and not solid? It has been green and brown but I dont notice any mucus or blood. I am 39 years old have two children and my diet has not changed. No one else in my house has this problem and we all eat the same things. I am at a loss so any info would help.