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I need immediate help, my stomach has been killing me for the past two days. It started in my upper abdominal area and then moved lower. Im bloated and it hurts to move or touch. I sometimes feel nauseous and like im gonna throw up. Do I need to go to the doctor bc today would be my last day to do so..


Hello Jessica,

Stomach ailments are not uncommon and for the most part can be taken care of at home.  Sounds like you have gas production meaning you have indigestion.  You can use any antigas over the counter drug, Kaopectate or even pepto bismol and see if that doesn't help.  In the meantime, stay away from foods that are difficult to digest such as raw veggies and fatty meats.  You might try some pureed foods such as soups (tomato or squash) for a few days.  Try even chicken, beef or vegetable broth with nothing else in it.  Give your stomach some time to recuperate.  Do you have any idea of what you ate that might have caused this?  If you do, then a note and stay away from those foods.