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Hi I'm 35 year old male I woke in the middle of the night and felt ill went to the restroom vomit a little bit then little while later I was back in bathroom had diarrhea 1 time 2 time it was a lot of Bright red blood some clots 3 time it was a little blood and then diarrhea again.


Hello Jerome,

It sounds like you ate something that didn't agree with you and possible bacterial in nature.  You may have a bacterial infection from tainted food or water.  If need be you can take some Pepto bismol or kaopectate for the diarrhea.  This will coat your stomach and protect it from further insults.  If this doesn't go away within a few days, chances are you have a serious bacterial infection/  This calls for immediate medical attention.  See if you can think back and recall what you ate.  Where you at home or at a restaurant/fast food place.  See if you can retrace your steps and determine if some food you ate in the near past was tainted.