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im 19 yrs old. ok, so the past few months my chest will just start hurting and burning. i was told that it was heartburn. i thought you only got heartburn from certain foods you ate though, and this happens from many different things i eat.

so could this be heartburn? . . can you get it wth anything you eat?

any adivise would help.


Yeah I sounds like you have heartburn. And if you have high levels of acid in your system, then yes you are probably going to get heartburn from just about anything you eat.
You should eat healthy as much as possible, and maybe go to the health food store and get some enzymes to help you digest your food properly.
Tums will help with calming down your heartburn.
(You can take Pepto Bismal, but it has Aluminum in it so it isnt good for you, because too much of it can eventually cause memory loss).
There are other things you can do natually to help yourself, go see a Natural Pro or a good health food store.
Take care.


yeah this sounds like heartburn, i suffer alot form it, mine started around 9 months ago, and nothing gets rid of mine at all, rennies help for about half hour and its back, ive tried gaviscon, charcoal tablets, omeprazole, ranetidine, pepto bismol ( careful with that ),,

With me having a severe case of IBS i can drink milk anymore, but when i could it helped more than heartburn remedies.

Avoid spicy food, food with high citrus in them Eg, oranges, limes, lemons etc, fizzy drinks cos these contain Citric Acid, fatty food, eg chips that have been deep fried, bacon, sausages.. If you was to eat fatty food i would grill them, or use the Fat reducing mchine if you have one.

seems weird giving advice to someone older than me, im 16 but trust me i no how you feel, i always have heartburn x