Ok hello, this is a really stupid thing that I know I shouldn't worry about, but I am because I'm a major worry wart. I am 18 years old. My bf and I went to the movies and we got a little handsy but our hands never entered one another's clothing. I touched him through his pants and he touched me through mine. He had a wet spot on his pants that I may have touched that I'm assuming was pre ejaculate. I went to the bathroom like 45 minutes later and didn't wash my hands before. I know sperm can't travel through clothing and I'm being irrational, but my period is late,my boobs hurt, and I feel so heavy and bloated. I just need reassurance from someone to tell me I'm not pregnant and this is all in my head and my body is reacting to stress. Again, I am 18, I know how Pregnancy happens, but at the same time I am completely and utterly terrified. Thank you all.