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I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 1982 and served asa pioneer guinnea pig for sleep research for numerous years. Over the past 26 years , they've tried (unsuccessfully) every conceivable form of
stimulants and anti-depressants to treat me. I've
been on the combo of 30mg Adderall XR, 30mg Adderall
(regular)=60mg per day + 10mg Lexapro at bedtime for
about 6 years now. I would have to describe myself as having slowing become a sickly, depressed zombie
with ADD. I honestly beleive I could have had a better quality of life if I'd only had the narcolepsy and had never taken all these drugs for
a treatment that has never worked. I was also one of
the few subjects on the Modafonil (Provigil) study.
It made me catatonic-like and then I suffered a terrible reaction after about the ninth week, where every single joint in my body crippled up and the pain almost made me suicidal. Cephalon insisted I was the only one that had a reaction, and of course,
it went FDA to market. I now suffer most from chronic
pain and fatigue, ADD, depression, fibromalgia, EDS and weakness. I'm only 48...can't work,can't drive,
and can't stay awake or alert enough to have a social
life or even a decent relationship. Is there anyone else out there like me, that has maybe found help?
It's the lonliness that will kill me before anything else. This wasn't supposed to be my life. Can you or
anyone offer me anywhere to turn for help? Please.


Find a way to afford the unfortunately very expensive rehabilitation and psychiatric hospital SIERRA TUSCON IN AZ. If you can work with Dr. James Duffy - or truly any of the psychiatrists assigned to you will will automatically be given first rate pharmaceutical psychopharmacology care. It may take time re trial and error but having attendEd. ST TWICE IN Two years for two separate issues - each patient is unique and given so much attention that after 4-6 weeks you don't have your life back but you have the tool box from meds to associative coping skills to nutrition to whatever your treatment team feels you maybe psychologically mentally physically emotionally and re dr Duffy especially brain - nerve - neuropathic expertise to wake in the am knowing throw to ONE STEP AT A TIME. ONE SLOW STEP - but the right motivated clearheaded step to having the or a life not consumed with potions and cocktails and this much sleep but no talk support or all talk therapy no medication.  Spirituality attention to breath meditation yoga EMDR FOR TRAUMA PTSD stimulants mood stabilizers physical trainor