Just saying.. I have been proscribed adderall for years!! Over 10 years use. Only stopped during pregnacy.. let me explain something!!!!!!! Adderall WILL HELP!!! But prolonged use HURTS!! Do some digging research into ritilin adderall and other forms of amphetamines.. they are AMPHETAMINE!!!! Similar to meth!! Actually almost exactly the same!!!! I know cus honestly I have narcolepsy, and have tryed both. Aderalll is stronger then a line of meth, and it's horrable we drug 5 yr Olds destroying them before they learn to control there own behaviors and learn to concentrate without there brains reed up.. I feel my narcolepsy was caused by adderall. Just as meth users are destroyed by there brains being destroyed by not working without the drug, I feel mine was from adderall. Without it I sleep all day and get depressed. It's not ADHD I experience anymore its like emptymindednesss.. my mind is blank and I just stare off thoughtlesss.. I went threw a red light driving and was hit cus of this unaware of what's going on around me. I feel as if I'm dieing if I don't take adderall or meth, I can sleep two days straight wake up feeling weak and dead to the bed.. my body just so weak and my mind just so slow. Soon as I take my meds im right up my body's working... why?? Cus it doesn't work without it anymore. When I got pregnet with all my children I don't drink, or do any type of drugs nicotine nothing but my multi vitamin it took two years for me to start feeling myself a little bit agean and not as tired and weak all the time, from prego and breastfeeding my child.. untill I was told I HAD to go back on my meds to drive a car .... welll back to needing it to stay awake and make my mind work, nd even if I stop feeling shitty for 2 yrs!!!! It's a shame.. I wish doctors didn't give this sh*t to children like f*****g candy, I'm sure there be alot less people as adults with issues! There children let there brains fix themselfs... If they ganna f**k up anyone with stimulas give it to the old people without heart and BP problems.. there minds feel like there 25 agean.. and it can't harm there brains they already lost it.. I wish they stop f*****g kids up.. just as meth causes people not to be able to feel plesure or have any energy and ulters the brain. mixed amphetamine salts aka adderall does the same... and when amphetamine auters the brain it changes it the drugs rev up the brain to overwork and everything is clearminded, you feel great, but without it your brain dont work at all.. and agean withdraw from adderall makes u tired soo add that to already being really tired and narcolepsy will be 10x worse for over a year withdrawing from adderall.. please take my story to heart.. and if u want to do it.. it will help, but it also hurts!!!!