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I hope someone can give me real advice and recommendations.. I have been using Adderall for one year. Unfortunately, after a few months, I started taking higher dosage (up to 160mg daily), not everyday that high, only on days that is high pressure at work.. Most of the time is between 60mg to 100mg. Then I went down to 40 mg for about 2 weeks, then I stopped cold turkey. Yes, I have read the withdrawl effects and read the 'recommended' way of coping with it.

Currently, I am using

1) OMEGA-3 Fish Oil.
2) Vitamin B12(5000mcg) and B6 (100mg) daily.
3) SAM-e (1200mg to 1600mg) daily.
4) 5-HTP (100mg) daily.
5) Melatonin(3mg) to help me get a deep restful sleep.
6) Incorporated a few days ago Ginko Biloba (120mg daily).
7) I went back to the gym and started a workout routine 3 to 4 times weekly.

The problem is, I have ZERO motivation currently because I am not taking Adderall. I can drink 3-4 cups of coffee but its hard to explain, I feel that my BODY is awake(my heart feels that way), but for some reason my MIND is just cloudy and asleep. Its been 7-8 days without Adderall and I feel like c**p. I have no drive to do anything, I get a good 9 to 10 hour of sleep but when I wake up, I feel like I never went to sleep ?!

When on Adderall, I feel alive, energetic and HAPPY. Now, I feel the TOTAL opposite. My question is WHEN will I feel like my old self again? How long do I have to go through this hell? Should I just take 20mg of Adderall for another 2 weeks to supposively "wean" off it as slow as possible?

ANY advice/help/recommendations is GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for reading this folks...


Can anyone help???



I read your post here and joined this forum specifically to respond.

I was on Concerta and Ritalin for 5 years for ADD. During that period, my business and career flourished. People close to me prior to going on the medication were amazed with the improvements in my daily productivity and sudden level of accomplishments.

My income tripled and my lifestyle totally changed. Then I hit a bump in the road when my marriage fell apart and I fell into a deep depression. I blamed the depression on the Concerta and quit cold turkey.

My life continued to spiral down and I basically adandoned my career and interest in anything. I lived on the sofa for 3 years while my savings and wealth deteriorated. I began to buy into the myths about ADD and refused to go back on the drug. 4 more years elapsed with me attempting to get my act together but I was still living in isolation, no friends, no motivation.

7 years later I found myself totally desolate. I failed to file tax returns for 7 years and the only thing that snapped me back to reality was the fact that the IRS has come knocking, loudly.

Just one month ago, totally broke, homeless, I finally decided to seek medical help again. In the past month I have been on 2 daily doses of 20 mg Adderall. In just 30 days my life has made an almost immediate 180 degree turn. I am focused, determined, and having incredibly productive days, every day!

The only reason I say all this is....I feel I lost 7 years of my life, trying to convince myself that my ADD was all psychological. I went on heavy doses of B Complex and tried to control my diet to avoid possible food allergies that would cause me to be lathargic and distracted.

So I have responded to you, just to say...don't let the same thing happen to you. If you truly have ADD, stay on a safe dose and get back to being happy and productive!

Good luck to you!


thats actually kinda depressing to hear, im in his shoes, and trying the many vitamin and omegas etc for support, in fact im lookin at a bottle of magnesium, vitamin e, fish oil(omega 3) and melatonin, the help it provides is minor, however im looking into vitamin b12, im actually still on adderall but daily fear of death, suicide, depression, anxiety etc.. just ridiculousness.

lately i have been looking into hopefully switching to something else, ive tried concerta and straterra and all the good popular stuff, im hoping to find something "Natural" i may have found what i was looking for, a herb/drug called Valerian.

read about it, let me know if u have tried it and how it worked as a substitute for adderall, i really wanna get off this stuff, im losing too much weight, paranoia, sometimes i feel minor forms of dementia, not happy with adderall at all.


see im thinking i just have high anxiety/stress and the adderall is only making it worse, therefore in a form misdiagnosed.. maybe the valerian can calm me down and i will be able to relax and let less things bother me possibly, if thats even the problem but its worth a try.


Hastic----I read your post and i had to respond because I am going through the same thing.Only one thing is different....I am actually going to try to get off of Vyvanse 70mg. It isnt that i really want to stop taking it; I LOVE being super motivated and on task all the time. When i take it my apartment is clean and organized and everything is in its perfect place. But i have found that my relationships with the people around me suffer because getting things done and having my apartment SPOTLESS is more important to me than the people i love. And that is not how i want to live out the rest of my life. i have done some self assessing and realized that there is a "Vyvanse me" and a "me". Vyvanse turned me into and OCD/unfriendly version of me and having perfect grades and perfect homework isnt worth that. Im telling you all of this so you wont listen to that other guys post because (no offense to him or anything) its BS. he wasn't lacking motivation from not being on adderall, he was depressed that his marriage failed and just kept going steady on a downward slope. then he took the easy way out and went to the dr to get some magic pills.
If it was due to adderall, he was suffering from something called "prolonged withdrawl" which indicates that he didn't go off of the medication correctly. My neighbor is a pharmacist and a Hollistic Healer and he is going to coach me on going off of the vyvanse next month (SO excited to be the real me!).

This is what he told me will be happening:

For 3 days I will do the "Edgar Casey Apple Fast"
It basically says i eat ONLY organic apples for 3 days and on the 3rd night i take 2 tablespoons of olive oil. This fast will cleanse my body of the drug COMPLETELY (mind you ive been on adderall for 2 years and vyvanse for 2 years....that's 4 years of amphetamines!! so that's pretty damn cool they will ALL be out of my system)

In addition to the cleanse, i have to take the following vitamins daily:

-"Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Fatty Acids" with 1200mg fish oil, 600mg Total EPA & DHA------->this once in the morning and once at night with meals
-"Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex" 500mg per tablet---> this once in the morning and once at night with meals
-"Sustained Release High Potencey B 100"----->Just in the morning

These vitamins should all be purchased from natural/holistic suppliers to ensure there is not additives.

I hope that im not too late and if i am, i hope you still get to at least read this because i definitely feel your pain. when i don't take my meds....i act like a crackhead looking for a psychotic and it scares me and that's why im taking the giant leap of getting off this poison.

Sincerely, Hillarie


These posts speak to me . I got off adderall a couple years ago and have semi crashed. I have a very physical job and go in EVERY day but when I get home I crash. I think aerobics could be an answer. I took an adderall tab this AM and had a wonderfull productive day and still feel great. it definitely works I have been trying to get my sorry self out the door to run and run hard to see if it is an answer.


So, let me get this straight: the perjorative term "magic pills" is properly applied to Adderall (other prescription stimulants, too?) but NOT to the following:
a. Molecularly Distilled Omega-3 Fatty Acids with 1200mg fish oil, 600mg Total EPA & DHA
b. Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex" 500mg per tablet
c. Sustained Release High Potencey B 100
d. organic apples.
It's clear that a person who has briefly recounted more than a decade of distress should be categorized as "taking the easy way out," but how should we classify a person who has discovered not only that "relationships" are more valuable than "SPOTLESS[ness]" but also that prescription stimulants _create_ character flaws and/or evil twins?

All confusion aside, it's _clear_ that those who have been diagnosed with ADD should take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves: "Am I just taking the easy way out with all these magic pills and all this personal accountability mumbo-jumbo and the truly unnatural adherence to a seven-days-a-week schedule for eating and sleeping and exercising? Do I even have what it takes to eat ONLY organic apples for three whole days in a row?" Furthermore, wouldn't we all be better off if we learned to appreciate Nature and Her Bounty, such as Synergistic Vitamin C _without_ all those additives? In the old days, people could just pluck Sustained Release High Potency B 100 off the vine, and everyone's apartment was really clean and no one really cared whether you used terms like "OCD" or "psychotic" appropriately. Or, for that matter, if you used the standard spelling of "holistic."

Another thing: just because it's generally recognized as fact that amphetamines do *not* linger in one's system (are, as it were, "used up" by the nervous system within hours) does not mean that you should reject the wisdom of a pharmacist who claims otherwise; after all, you're probably just all screwed up from the additives in your Omega-3s and not ready to face the challenge of Hollistic Healing.


Hello All,

I just have to say that I started Adderall a few months ago, and I thought it was a wonderful drug. Until, I started to up my prescribed dose, and I started to crash when I had none. Then it hit me, I shouldn't never asked the Doc for this Adderal, due to my history of substance abuse. I was a cocaine addict 16 yrs ago ( I should say, 16 yrs ago was the last time I had cocaine, I'll always be an addict). Along with many other substances that I must find amusing cuz I keep doing them. So I'm in the same boat along with many other people in the world that is tring to find that perfect pill to help us lead a normal life. And, I'm not to sure if theres one or not. All I know, if you have a addictive personality, you should just stay away from these Adderalls. The short term progress isn't worth the long time affects. As for me, I'm going to ask the Doc for something similiar, but without the crash, and stay the course of waiting for that perfect little pill.

thank you


I also just read this when I searched Adderall and memory loss because I feel that I may be worst case scenario. I was prescribed Adderall at 17 years old and have not been the same since. I did take more then prescribed, so it is not anyone's fault but my own. My memory is now completely shot and I cannot put together sentences like I used to. I also have a rediculous case of social anxiety and severe depression. It has been 4 years and I have tried everything, from anti depressants, to no medications and just working on memory and everything in between. I advise you to speak to a professional immediately to see if there is anything they can do for you to make sure that these affects you are dealing with are not permanent like mine. My life will never be the same and it sucks to say.


I guess it's good to know I'm not alone in this inner battle... stay on stimulants or brave the possible withdrawal symptoms to get off. I have been on Dexedrine for over 15 yrs. for ADHD. Over the years my dose has gone up slightly 15mg - 30mg SR and 10mg short acting, but I have been very aware of the abuse potential and pretty much always taken my daily dose or less. I recently started taking 100mg of WelbutrinSR in an attempt to begin my transition off dex. Welbutrin acts on dopamine (along with norepinepherine and serotonin to a much lesser degree) which is the same neurotransmitter stimulants act on. Dopamine is one of the "feel good" neurotransmitters and from the research I have read the major withdrawal effects of coming off stimulants are related to depressed mood, fatigue, anhedonia etc. Not to mention the return of ADD/ADHD symptoms. I am hoping the welbutrin will buffer some of these symptoms to make for a smoother transition off dex, also hoping to try acupuncture too. Who knows what will happen, I haven't taken a break from it in more than 3 years and I am definitely going to taper slowly. Despite what another member thought, sustained release formulations at least, do build up in your system. As for dexedrine the half life is 24 hrs+ so in 24 hrs only half of the drug has been excreted from your body.

Main reason I want to come off is I am questioning whether or not some recent autoimmune and endocrine problems are related to long term stimulant treatment. I hypothesize a correlation exists and want to see if my symptoms will resolve if I can stay off the dex. Good luck to everyone in whatever direction you are going.


I can relate to many of the posts here. I have been using stimulants mainly adderall for 5 years now. When I don't use them I am slower but definitely less intense. My relationships are all failing because I become hyper-focused on what my objective at that time is and if something or someone interrupts me I get upset. I just want to be how I was before I found the stimulant me who became productive and successful, I want the carefree happy person back.
I don't believe the med is in our bodies and needs to be cleansed out I believe our brains have become broken from it and need time to heal and readjust to life without stimulants. It has been 5 days for me now, I started taking a step down drug to help with my severe daytime sleepiness and ADD. So far I'm ok I have spent most of the days lying on my couch but I have noticed I am laughing again.


to answer your question, "WHEN will I feel like my old self again? How long do I have to go through this hell?"
You should be back to your old self in a month from stopping drug, but the first week is by far the WORST. You'll feel a bit better after two.
Taking 20mg here and there to 'wean' your self off is pointless if your trying to stop. just stop. It's gonna be hell. Just hang in there.
Starting a work-out routine is a GREAT idea. Since you can't really do it while taking the drug. It gives your mind something to do and puts all that food you've started eating towards muscles and not your gut.

And if you HAVE ADD and need the drug then take it, just stop abusing it. Only take what you need based on what you are doing that day. If your just hanging out with friends then 15mg is probably fine.

Also, the OFF brand is WAY cheaper and affordable with out health insurance. (no time release though)
cheapest at: Costco, $24 - 60-30mg tabs
second cheapest at: Bi-Mart $36 - 60-30mg tabs


In December of 2006, I was clinically depressed, and had been so for many, many years. I had tried all the antidepressants, and for me, every one of them was a joke. But I knew there was a pill out there that was many things, but was NOT a joke, and that was Adderall XR. I knew this because I had taken the drug a few times recreationally due to peer pressure some years before. So I went to the doctor and gave him some spin about having ADD, and I walked out with a prescription for Adderall XR. That was the beginning of a very disastrous two years.

At first, it was wonderful. The Adderall totally vanquished my depression, crushed it to oblivion in a way that was nothing short of miraculous. But after a few months, I was taking a lot more than I was prescribed, because my tolerance for the drug skyrocketed, and a measly 60 mg a day was no longer even close to what I needed to not be depressed. That, of course, only make my tolerance greater and thus lead to my taking even more of the drug every day. Soon, I needed at least 160 mg a day just to "get by," as I considered it.

The drug became the most important thing in my life. I HAD to have it; I was desperately addicted, and the very idea of being without it scared the living hell out of me. My life soon was all about how to get more Adderall (and/or its sister, Dexedrine). Seriously, it got to the point that nearly every day was a new struggle to get more pills. Too much was never enough for me. And I was totally in denial about my severe addiction, even in spite of overwhelming evidence.

My wife very nearly left me. I was jobless and unemployable. I only cared about myself and my pills. Yes, I still cared about my wife and children, but the drug came first -- every time. It HAD to, in my mind, as I could not function without it. If I went a single day without a huge helping of the drug, I was an absolute mess. I wanted to die, I felt so bad. It was the most horrible feeling I had ever had, being without my beloved amphetamines for even a single day. It was not an option, in my mind, to be without them -- EVER.

After a year of this nonsense, things got a lot more serious. I became psychotic. I developed symptoms that were clinically indistinguishable from paranoid schizophrenia. I thought my neighbors were out to get me. In fact, I called the police on them more than once due to nothing more than delusions in my own mind. I was arrested for prescription fraud; among many other outrageous behaviors I had developed while on amphetamines, I started making my own prescriptions, as my doctors had all cut me off. It actually worked for months, but eventually I got caught.

Even after all this, I still denied that I had a drug problem. Hillariously, in fact, I once famously stated that all these problems were happening to me IN SPITE OF my Adderall/Dexedrine usage. "Things would be a whole lot worse if not for the medication," I stated. It wasn't until the drug started making me so ill I very nearly died that I began to see some semblance of reason. I got so sick psychologically... it was the scariest thing anyone could ever imagine.

I eventually got off after about two years of taking Adderall and/or Dexedrine. It was the hardest decision I've ever made in my life, but it got to the point where I really didn't even have a choice. It was get off or die.

In my opinion, Adderall/Dexedrine are among the most dangerous drugs any person can ever take. They are scary, SCARY freaking drugs, and anyone who is taking them to do better in school, perform better at work, etc. is, frankly, an id**t. I'm sorry, but the guy somewhere above, who thinks these drugs are awesome, is full of it, as someone else said. He is in denial. I said and thought all the same BS as he wrote, and lots more, so spare me. It's all BS, and one day, he is going to find that out in a very unpleasant way (if he wasn't already). I'm not here to argue, but don't listen to anyone who says Adderall/Dexedrine are great drugs, because they are not. They are a horror story waiting to happen. Sometimes it takes longer than other times for the horror to be realized, but if this drug is continued long enough, eventually the horror will become apparent.

I know all this might sound extreme. I'm just relating my personal experience. I am 36 years old, and was 33 when I started using amphetamines. Before that time, I had never taken drugs, so I am not some druggie. Moreover, I never took anything besides prescription amphetamines, and I have never in my life drank alcohol or even smoked tobacco, for that matter. I am a very strong and together type of person (when I'm not on amphetamines), but I was nowhere near strong enough to deal with Adderall, even though my only intention was to get rid of my depression.

My depression is back, unfortunately, but it is better than being a total psycho who is going to die any day. It is better than losing everything that matters to me. My wife is still with me, bless her, and I am so grateful for that, and I will never let her down again. I am still looking for a way to get rid of my depression, but I now know for sure that prescription amphetamines are NOT the answer.

I am writing this to warn others. DO NOT get on this drug, or anything similar. Amphetamines are amphetamines; just because it is available at the pharmacy doesn't mean it is safe. Did you know methamphetamine is also available at your local pharmacy? You bet it is -- it's called Desoxyn, and it is meth, plain and simple. The drug companies and the doctors and the pharmacists who peddle this sh*t are little more than legalized drug dealers, in my opinion. They really only care about money at the end of the day; and as any drug dealer can tell you, there is a hell of a lot of money to be made selling drugs.

Again, DO NOT TAKE THIS STUFF. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE, I PROMISE YOU. There may be a few exceptions. If you FOR REAL have ADD/ADHD, then MAYBE it is okay to take. MAYBE. But if you don't, then taking this drug or anything like it will lead you on a path of personal destruction. It will consume you; it will take over your life and might even kill you.

Just my two cents. I sincerely hope it helps someone avoid what I had to go through. If even one person is helped, all this typing will be more than worth it.


have you tried rehab?