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I occasionally get these strange rushes of dizziness and motion. They are not exactly bad.. but they are definitely odd (sometimes I can end up feeling a little ill).

It usually feels like the ground I'm standing on, or the chair I'm sitting on, is moving up and down (the term 'pulsing' seems the most apt description).

It passes in a few seconds, but then repeats every few minutes.

It happens repeatedly in particular places - often in front of computers - which makes me wonder if there could be any electromagnetic fields (or something of that ilk) triggering this...
or maybe just an inner ear issue...
or just some particular positions of my body that changes my blood pressure, etc..etc..

...and No, I don't live near powerlines or have a metal plates in my head

It usually happens whilst sitting but, when an episode hits I can only sometimes stand and walk elsewhere and it'll repeat.

Very odd.

If anyone has any idea please feel free to post.



I used to suffer from this, I'm not sure how I got rid of it exactly but I'm going to make the assumption that...

You don't do much exercise
You don't drink enough water
You don't eat enough healthy food
You crack bones in your neck/back regularly

Do the opposite of all of them...

Exercise, Drink water regularly, eat healthy (red meats, veges, fruits), don't crack the bones.


i have had this symptom for 6 yeaqrs . i am under a neurologist and for a while they suspected i had ms, however the test has come back negative, They have found however, a problem with my eye movements and optic nerve which also controlls balance,

I would suggest going to your dr and asking for some neuro testing explain the situation.

I would love to get a treatment which clears this because mine is intermitent like your s but very scary when it happens


I always just thought of it kinda like car sickness. Ive gotten when coming off of my antidepressant.