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Ive been having dizzy spells and nause for the last few days occupanied with mood swings where one second i was laughing and the next i was so anger i wan't to hit something and for no reason. im 16 and i dont know exactly whats wrong with me.
so symptoms are:
Dizzy spells
mood swings
shortness of breathe
mild headaches

I would sleep all day and still be tired all day in school i have no energy to even walk to my next class. i had a headache for 3 days striaght but it wasn't bad


This sounds so awful for you. I have some questions. How are your eating habits? Poor nutrition could cause all of these symptoms. Are you drinking enough water? Have you ever been tested for anemia. This is a potentially serious condition that could affect all aspects of your health. Could your menstrual cycle be causing the mood swings (hormonal). And finally, are there any emotional (stress) or mental issues (family history) that may be a factor. The first step, I think, would be to get to a doctor and have a blood test done. Then I'd discuss all of the symptoms with him/her. These things are serious, but probably manageable. I know you will find solutions soon and you'll be feeling so much better soon. Get to a doctor right away. Let us know...