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Hi everyone. My name is lisa and lately I haven't been myself. I have 3 issues I really need help with. So if u can help me, then that would be out of this world amazing!! Issue #1: So last night, I was laying in bed. I wasn't feel well so I thought I'd take a nap. So I was sleeping, then I woke up from a terrible night mare. When I woke up, I looked around my room and I saw a little girl. She look familiar. She looked like a girl from a painting a recived when I was small. This isn't the first time this has happened. Once I was a tall big man walking around in my room, and touching my stuff. Some people say this is imagination but I'm not sure. What could this be? What could this mean? Issue #2: Lately I've been having some close friends get mad at me. Aparently I'm having "mood swings". I'm not quite sure what mood swings are but I have a idea of what it is. I don't understand how I'm having mood swings. But lately, I've been finding EVERYONE annoying. Like so annoying that I was punch them out. Its so frustarading and it just makes me mad/upset. Like really upset that ill go to the bathroom and start crying at school. Werid eh? Issue #3: I just got out of a relationship with a boy I can be with for my whole entire life. (He's also 12) I bealive we've dated for 1 full year. We reccently broke up because I wasn't comftorable with him saying he loves me, and just hugging me and holding my hand. He just made me feel uncomftorable and weird. Anyway, I've been really upset/jealous lately because he has a new girlfriend. We agreed to be good friends and talk to each other everyday. But for the past 5 days he hasn't messaged or talked to me. He's only talked to me because him and his girlfriend got in a fight :| of course, I got upset and cried. (I'm really emotional) :$. I've been really depressed. I haven't went to school for the past week, haven't eaton, or got out of bed. And I've been ignoring my friends and everyone who messages me! I'm just so upset that I wanna throw my phone, tv, laptop, everything out the window!!! Someone help :( please.


Hi Lisa,

Does your mom know what you are going through right now?  Are you close enough that you can talk to her and she that she will understand?  If not, you do need to find someone that you are comfortable to sit down and talk with about these issues.  I am nervous for you, that you do not have a  purpose to life and feel comfortable at your young age to not care about yourself to get out of bed, dressed, showered, eating healthy is huge.  Adding a green juice to your diet would do wonders for your health and peace of mind.  Starting with finding someone to talk to is the first step.

If I can help you somehow I would love to and I'm always here

Hope this helps