i have bad mood swings. one minute i am in a great mood and things are
going well and the next i am pissed off yelling and throwing things. i make
my husbands life hell he tells me. one minute we are in love and the next
i am telling him how much i hate him and want him out,the same way with
kids one minute they are behaving and the minute thing start to get bad my mood changes to yelling and stress. i have been to counsling,tried many meds,nothing seems to be helping and i am only 27 yrs old.does any one have the same problem or any ideals of a med i could try or something i could do,am i going nuts,do i need to be in a mental ward or
is there some relief that will come in my life or is this always how i am going to be,i never used to be like this when i was younger,