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I am 36 years old. I have not had sex with a man in over 3 years. Pregnancy is impossible. For the last 6 months to a year, my periods have been heavier than normal and increasingly more painful. I urinate VERY frequently (on average, once or twice and hour). I don't sleep well, waking up every 2 hours and I have gained about 30 pounds in the last year, not having changed my lifestyle or eating habits. I have mood swings ranging from depressed to angry and impatient, sometimes anxious. Does this sound normal to anyone?


%-) Hi jlapey,
Well sounds like you might have some hormonal flux going on. It dosen't seem to matter the age sometimes wt can go on with hormone problems. My 25 yr old daughter is one to show that. I would like to tell you about the homeopathics we are using now. My daughter has had wonderful success regulating her periods for the first time, much less pain & MUCH better moods!!!!! I myself have been in a surgical menopause for over 20 yrs now and it was totally out of control. Just ask my family how I was loosing it!!! Anyway I did find this company and got the prescription strength formulas and they are awesome. I will let you read the indications for use if the symptoms are what you are showing then you have nothing much to loose much to gain including your sanity!!!!
These formulas are NOT HRT. They balance the body systems.
PMS formula: Indications for Use: for fast relief of mood swings, sensitivity, irritability, weariness, water retention, weight gain, bloating, swelling, cramping, headaches, and swollen, sensitive breasts. For salt or sugar craving, and excessive hunger.
Menopause formula: For fast relief of disomforts associated with menopause:hot flashes, sweats, chills, clammy skin, heat in the head, headaches, hot feet, mood swings, anxiety, sensitivity, and wanting to be alone.
If this sounds like you and you want more info please email me so we can talk. We felt better within less than a wk and WON'T go without these formulas. Why suffer??????? ;-) You take care Peggy

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