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Okay, my last period ended August 30. I had sex this past month at least 10 times. Unprotected but he never did anything inside of me. We always stopped when it got close. We hardly ever did it long in the first place though. I should've already gotten my period but I haven't yet. I've had some clear/white discharge the past couple of days. Haven't had much symptoms besides mood swings but I usually am always this way.


First of all, it is pretty normal for people who think they might be pregnant but don't want to be pregnant to experience mood swings. You are facing a potential pregnancy here, which is a huge deal, and you are really not sure how you feel about that. This is what I assume, anyway, since you are describing using the withdrawal method. People who want to get pregnant usually don't do that ;). 

Mood swings might be a pregnancy symptom, but they are also a symptom of general worry and confusion. 

The only way to know whether you are pregnant, which does not sound incredibly likely but also not impossible in your scenario, is to take a pregnancy test. You have already missed a period. This could be due to stress as well, but it does mean you should get an accurate result if you take a pregnancy test now.