Im 13 and think I have actually had this for a while. I am very stressed at the moment, at school mainly. I've just done some reserch on Obsessive-compulsive disorder, and think i may have it. I have to touch with both hands on every light switch I walk past, and when i flush the loo I have to wash my hands, dry them and fiddle with the lock untill I get it perfect, and I have to do all this before the loo finishes flushing. Also, sometimes I feel like I can't do something. Like if I want to read a book at night, my brain tells me if I do it, something really bad is going to happen tomorrow. I hate it so much, and it so frustrating ontop of the stress from school. I think it's also starting to afect my school work. I've just started leaving out pages in my book (left hand side) and only write on the right. I don't know, maybe it's just anxiety???? I just want to know if theres something I can do to help me stop doing these things...please help! Liv xxxxxxxxx