I am a young female. I have severe anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. I get panic attacks that bring my heart rate up to 200 beets per min (norm is 60-100). During these attacks I hyperventilate so much that I can't move my face or hands, and they get stuck in a certain position. I usually will also cry uncontrollably. Depending on the anxiety I have over the    situation, I might start to have convulsions. I might start screaming. I have also in the past started to display really weird behaviors during or after the attacks. I remember having a physical when I was about 12 years old. I ended up leaning over the trash can in the exam room Throwing up. I also remember breaking down into hysteria begging the nurse not to make me wear a gown. That was the first day that I looked at my chest and I could actually see my heart beating. That happens all the time now. Just listening to people talk about going to the hospital and having to take their underwear off makes me want to harm myself. If I ever have surgery I am not taking my underwear off. It's my way or the highway. They probably will throw me in the phsych ward after seeing me curled up in a ball completely losing my mind in the waiting room. If they forced to take them off then I will threaten to slit my wrist. If I'm ever taken to the hospital and am conscious enough to know what's going on and they start taking my cloth , then they better be careful that they don't get bitten. I don't give a RATS ASS about infection, I know all about it I have OCD. I don't give a FLYING f**k that they are doctors and nurses "and they have seen it all." I'm an LNA so don't try explaining that "they're doing their job" BS to me cause I've heard over and over again in therapy and it only infuriates me even more. I have never heard of anyone with the same problem as me. If there is someone out there reading this, that experiences the same things as me just know you are not alone, you have me. And if you are a health care provider reading this please consider that some off your paitients are suffering.