I have been suffering with OCD for 22 years. I have been on all kinds of medicine. It comes when I don't take it and leaves when I do, well except for this time. I had an attack(I will call them attacks) back in April 09 and it comes and goes even while I am on Meds, but it comes around my menstraural time. I also have hypothyroidism. Is there any connection to the 3 )OCD< period, Hypothyroidism). I am on Zoloft and I was so taken with Prozac, but when I started to take it again it didn't work fast enough as usual. Does anyone out there have this problem with OCD. I have the part about obsessive thinking. I get something in my head and it's like I dwell on it and it's about hurting someone and this is not me. Please someone out there give me some feed back